Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Mission

Fellowship has always been a little...different. In fact, that's why this church was started back in 1986. Since that time Fellowship has often been willing to change methods (e.g. music style, relaxed dress, small groups) to clarify our message that Jesus is worthy of our lives.
We exist to: Love God. Love People. Develop Disciples.

The Vision

The vision of Fellowship Church  is develop a community of authentic followers of Jesus to share the life-changing good news of Jesus with our culture & beyond. 


In order to help you to love God first and foremost (Matthew 22:36-38), we invite you to become a regular part of our Worship Gathering, where we demonstrate WHY God is worthy and HOW we can best honor Him with our lives. The music, dramas, videos, real life stories, and teaching during this 1 hour and 15 minute gathering is designed to sharpen your faith and dismiss your doubt as you discover what an incredible God we serve.
Worship Gatherings (Sunday Mornings): 8:30am: blended music (traditional & contemporary) or 11:00am: modern music


Jesus commands His disciples to love people (Matt. 22:39). The only way people learn to love people is by making time for...(you guessed it) - PEOPLE! We believe this best happens when people develop healthy and consistent relationships in Groups.
Our goal is to move people from rows and into circles (from large gatherings to small groups). Christians aren't meant to do life alone, they are intended to experience life in community. That's why we challenge people to LOVE GOD & LOVE PEOPLE.
Further, God wants His people to serve those in our church, in our community, and all over our world. Serve the Body...and Beyond. As we SHOW the message of Jesus we earn the right to SHARE the message of Jesus with others.


This is the task Jesus gave the 1st generation disciples (Matt. 28:19-20). They passed it on to the next generation and the next...and now to us. To that end we must become disciples who develop disciples. That means it is our goal to develop imitators of the Teacher (Jesus Himself)).

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