Pastors & Staff

Jackie Watts

Lead Pastor

Jackie has been on the Fellowship team since 2000. He loves Pizza ('manna with cheese & meat'), sports ("Go Noles and Cowboys!"), & investing in people. He enjoys exercising, fishing (cause Jesus did), teaching, fantasy football, & alligator wrestling (no...not really). Jackie has been married to Tonya since 1993 and has 2 boys - Caleb & Joshua. Serving as student pastor at Fellowship for 10 years, Jackie became our lead pastor in July 2010. He received a MDiv (Masters of Divinity) from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.

Caleb Crouse

Student Pastor

Caleb is the new student pastor who began in January of 2023. Caleb earned his Bachelor’s in youth ministry at North Greenville University and is currently working on a Masters of Divinity in Biblical Counseling. He loves students and parents and desires to see them working together for the cause of Christ. He is a firm believer in the student ministry being a part of the larger church body with their fellow members. He enjoys sports, movies, and music. Caleb has been involved in youth ministry since 2019 and was previously the interim student pastor at a church in upstate South Carolina.

Christy Adams

Outreach & Connections Coordinator

Christy is a used-to-be elementary teacher who has transitioned into a part-time college instructor. She is married to David (which is an adventure in and of itself) and has two fun-loving sons. She loves to encourage others and build relationships, whether in real life or through the written word. Books, writing, bonfires, woodwork and fishing are some things she enjoys best. 

Shannon Curtis

Childrens' Coordinator

Shannon has been serving our children & parents for quite a few years as a volunteer. After serving faithfully in an interim capacity, Fellowship was thankful to bring Shannon onto our staff to serve as our Children's Coordinator. She is married to Nathan and has 3 precious daughters.

Betty Maher

Executive Ministry Assistant

Betty is married to Bill, and their last child at home is Alyssa. There are 4 more, Erin, who lives in Madison, 3 in South Florida, with many more grandchildren and great grandchildren to boot! Betty loves to do all kinds of arts and crafts, work in her yard, and just be with her family. Betty holds us all together with her great organizational skills, gigantic heart, and years knowledge.

Gary Gazlay

Music Coordinator

Gary has been with Fellowship for many years, faithfully helping the Church seek the Lord Jesus in song. Gary is married to Betty and is a retired Band Director with Madison County Schools. Humble and talented, Gary loves to share his heart of worship through songs and the written word.

Donald Yates

Tech Specialist

Don has been serving at Fellowship since 2004 and is an integral part of the team, volunteering much time to make sure our technology is a help and not a hindrance. He and Karen have been married since 2006 and Don has a twin brother who as just as handsome as he is!